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Glow in the dark Dumming

May 11, 2013 in Eureka Springs, Arkansas we kicked off May Festival of the Arts with the ARTragious Parade, music in the park. The spinning sphere of light with drumming in the park. This was a glow in the dark drumming and there was fire dancers, dancers and drummers of all kind. The energy that night was incredible! The Love and Joy that spread out from Eureka Springs that night went around the world several times and I hope many got healing from the energy.

Here are my photos from that night.

Some videos on facebook from that night

Electricity went out

Well last night the electricity went out. Not sure what happened, it was raining but no lightning yet. Electric truck driving around, I thinking looking for the problem but not finding it. So the lights went out at around 6:30pm, so we decided to go shopping. We needed to get our Spring Water refilled with the glass bottles of course (heavy things they are). So while at the health food store getting our water bottle refilled we get some strawberries and of course you have to have ice cream to go with them. The ice cream of course is very good for us because it is organic! :)

We get home and the electricity is still off so we put the stuff away and wander around the house for a bit, sitting at the computer and then realizing no electricity, no computer, duh! I decide, good time to meditate, so that’s what I do for a while. Then as it gets to be 9pm I decide well if the lights aren’t coming back on I might as well go to bed, so that is what I do. 10 min later the lights come on, but I stay in bed and am glad the electricity is back on. Thank you!

UFO Conference

There was lots of great information at the 26th Ozark Mountain UFO Conference this weekend. Meet lots of beautiful people!

Here is the list of the speakers

Dolores Cannon
Larry Cekander
Larry Flaxman
Nigel Grace
J.J. Hurtak, Ph.D., Ph.D. and Desiree Hurtak, Ph.D.
Jaime Maussan
Linda Mouton Howe
Ted Phillips
Jeff Wilson

I really liked the talk on the Bosnian Pyramids by Nigel Grace. It was at the Best Western Inn of the Ozarks in Eureka Springs, Arkansas. They sold out of tickets, the biggest one yet!

2013-04-14 11.01.54 2013-04-14 11.01.50 2013-04-13 19.18.30

Starkey’s Marina Open House

We had a great time at Stakey’s Marina’s Open House. They completely redid the entire place, it looks very inviting now! This was also an Open House for SUP-Outfitters with Melody because she will be having her rental of Stand Up Paddle Boards from the marina. This is on Beaver Lake in Eureka Springs, Arkansas

2013-04-09 17.44.56 2013-04-09 18.09.22

2013-04-09 18.18.51 2013-04-09 18.19.17

Goddess Gala

I had a wonderful time last night at the Goddess Gala. A Gourmet Potluck Dinner for the women of Eureka Springs. A women only event where you come dressed as a Goddess or not. We have a ceremony to bless the water and the seeds. We eat, drink, dance and drum the night away!

The money raised goes to the Merlin Foundation’s abused children’s medical needs.

All these wonderful photos were taken by Jay Vrecenak.

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Easter Weekend

We went to visit our daughters and their family’s for the weekend, Easter and 3 birthdays! We had a great time with the grandchildren, Making them wear their bunny ears!

2013-03-31-09.43.21I also had a project to do. Our oldest daughter likes finding old furniture and making it new again. This time she took a dresser and cleaned it up and painted it. Added new handles and legs. Then I got to apply chrome vinyl to the doors, drawers and sided. This made it look like mirrors and it turned out very nice. See the before and after pictures below.

Before Picture553359_10200855073290152_1545009687_n







After Pictures

390447_10200855067890017_974476628_n 538945_10200855076370229_976025726_n