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Fabric, fabric everywhere fabric

Since our storm damage has made use move his equipment into the house, all my fabric stash as got to be moved. Therefore I decided it was time to clean it out because I don’t sew much anymore. I am making bags to go to the thrift store and bags to go to the local quilt club and even a bag with fabric that could be made into dresses and skirts to go to a orphan community in Africa. I have set aside the fabric that I think I will still make something.

Cleaning and purging can be a very emotional time. I feel good about getting rid of these things and being unburdened by them. Yet there is an exhaustion about it. I don’t know if it is going through the emotions that were attached to the items or what, but my husband is going through it big time with his shop being destroyed and his is not by choice.  There is a depression attached to the items, that needs to be purged. I didn’t know it would be there, I felt I would get rid of the items and I would be fine about it. Don’t get me wrong, I do feel good about getting rid of them, I just didn’t know how much was attached to them.

I will be doing a lot of meditating along with this purging. I am also thinking about doing something different with my life. Not sure exactly what yet, maybe once the purging is done then I can get clearer head and see what direction I need to go.


Storm Damage

Well there was much damage by the Oklahoma tornadoes. We got some storm damage also. We were noticing the wind picking up as it just started to rain. I thought we should head downstairs and my husband decided to turn his computer off first. When he got in the other room to do that he looked outside and said “that doesn’t look right”. The roof had blown off of his wood shop. His business was in that building and everything was getting rained on. We had no time to react, it was done before we knew it or had time to go downstairs. Then I noticed that the front porch was missing. It had been blow over our car parked there and laid upside down in front of the car. (It has since been moved before the photos were taken)

Downtown Eureka Springs had many trees down but not much else. Seems like Bentonville got some destruction from the storms.


Electricity went out

Well last night the electricity went out. Not sure what happened, it was raining but no lightning yet. Electric truck driving around, I thinking looking for the problem but not finding it. So the lights went out at around 6:30pm, so we decided to go shopping. We needed to get our Spring Water refilled with the glass bottles of course (heavy things they are). So while at the health food store getting our water bottle refilled we get some strawberries and of course you have to have ice cream to go with them. The ice cream of course is very good for us because it is organic! :)

We get home and the electricity is still off so we put the stuff away and wander around the house for a bit, sitting at the computer and then realizing no electricity, no computer, duh! I decide, good time to meditate, so that’s what I do for a while. Then as it gets to be 9pm I decide well if the lights aren’t coming back on I might as well go to bed, so that is what I do. 10 min later the lights come on, but I stay in bed and am glad the electricity is back on. Thank you!


UFO Conference

There was lots of great information at the 26th Ozark Mountain UFO Conference this weekend. Meet lots of beautiful people!

Here is the list of the speakers

Dolores Cannon
Larry Cekander
Larry Flaxman
Nigel Grace
J.J. Hurtak, Ph.D., Ph.D. and Desiree Hurtak, Ph.D.
Jaime Maussan
Linda Mouton Howe
Ted Phillips
Jeff Wilson

I really liked the talk on the Bosnian Pyramids by Nigel Grace. It was at the Best Western Inn of the Ozarks in Eureka Springs, Arkansas. They sold out of tickets, the biggest one yet!

2013-04-14 11.01.54 2013-04-14 11.01.50 2013-04-13 19.18.30


Starkey’s Marina Open House

We had a great time at Stakey’s Marina’s Open House. They completely redid the entire place, it looks very inviting now! This was also an Open House for SUP-Outfitters with Melody because she will be having her rental of Stand Up Paddle Boards from the marina. This is on Beaver Lake in Eureka Springs, Arkansas

2013-04-09 17.44.56 2013-04-09 18.09.22

2013-04-09 18.18.51 2013-04-09 18.19.17


Easter Weekend

We went to visit our daughters and their family’s for the weekend, Easter and 3 birthdays! We had a great time with the grandchildren, Making them wear their bunny ears!

2013-03-31-09.43.21I also had a project to do. Our oldest daughter likes finding old furniture and making it new again. This time she took a dresser and cleaned it up and painted it. Added new handles and legs. Then I got to apply chrome vinyl to the doors, drawers and sided. This made it look like mirrors and it turned out very nice. See the before and after pictures below.

Before Picture553359_10200855073290152_1545009687_n







After Pictures

390447_10200855067890017_974476628_n 538945_10200855076370229_976025726_n



Rain, ice, snow, rain, ice or snow to come?

Well I got up at 6am, still dark out, saw the white stuff on the ground, first for the year! It is February 26th and we finally get some snow! Not much maybe a half inch but it is sticking to the ground. I go feed the cats and then when I let them out I hear rain! At my backdoor it says 34* and on my computer it says 32* with a flashing advisory.  A winter weather advisory. For all my relative up North, I know this is nothing but with these roads, you still stay home because you don’t know when they will freeze. When you are descending a on a hill and there is a sharp curve at the bottom, no guard rails on one side with only the trees going down the hill to stop you and on the other side is the side of the mountain, you don’t want to find that one patch of ice you didn’t think was ice.
I have a meeting this afternoon in town and we’ll see if it is all clear or I may have to reschedule the meeting. That’s life living in the Ozarks in the winter.
Well it is now 7 am and it is getting lighter out there, the cats want in and now it is snowing big flakes!

Thunder Sleeting

2013-02-21_07-07-55_499Well is was snowing yesterday, then raining, then sleeting. Last night I heard the thunder and the ice all over everything in the morning. It was then sleeting again the raining, now it has stopped at least for now. I am so glad that when I awoke I could see what time it was, that meant we still had electricity!!!!! Lost internet several times in the morning but we still had electricity! Here in the mountains when it snows or you get everything covered in ice, you stay home! The roads are just too dangerous to drive. Luckily (or unluckily) I work where I live so I will be at work today. I will get things uploaded to the internet when I can. I have electricity and am happy about that! If it does go out we do have propane and 2 wood stoves to keep warm and 4 cats to sit on out laps. I also have plenty of home canned veggies from the garden that I can warm up to eat, we will be just fine.