earth-nasax-wide-communityI’ve been thinking about community. What is community? This newsletter is a community, your family is a community, your neighborhood is a community, your town or city is a community, this planet is a community. We all want to live in a positive community. We look and the wars and violence in the world and we feel overwhelmed with the great task of fixing all that is negative on the planet. We want to do something to help Syria, well go hug your neighbor!

We need to think along the lines of “As above, so below.” Have faith that if we do something small in one of our close communities it will expand 10 fold to our larger communities. So if you have a neighbor that has been out of work and you know that $20 would be a great help to him, and you can spare $20, give it to him. Maybe there is someone in your church that you know is recently divorced, lend your ear for a ½ hour. Someone with a 2 year old that needs a break or someone caring for an elderly person babysit or take them dinner, but give them a break. Everyone knows someone that can use some help of some kind. It doesn’t have to be large, it can even be a hug or a smile. The point is just do it, and have the faith that it will be expanded 10 fold. That is what we can do to help in Syria or in any corner of the world. It has to start at home with you, that is the only way it can work.

Did someone make you angry? Don’t get all up in their face, that is just spreading the anger. Talk calmly, AND listen maybe you heard them wrong or maybe they didn’t understand you. The only way to find out is to talk. Find other ways of diffusing your anger. That is the only way to stop wars. War is just anger and greed to the 10th degree. So you learn to deal with it on your smaller easier to handle level and let the “as above, so below” 10 fold rule take care of the bigger picture, have faith in knowing that it will and it will.

I saw the movie “Now you see me” last night and it really showed be about the power of suggestion, and the power of faith. It is a good movie.

Marie Turnock


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