Electricity went out

Well last night the electricity went out. Not sure what happened, it was raining but no lightning yet. Electric truck driving around, I thinking looking for the problem but not finding it. So the lights went out at around 6:30pm, so we decided to go shopping. We needed to get our Spring Water refilled with the glass bottles of course (heavy things they are). So while at the health food store getting our water bottle refilled we get some strawberries and of course you have to have ice cream to go with them. The ice cream of course is very good for us because it is organic! :)

We get home and the electricity is still off so we put the stuff away and wander around the house for a bit, sitting at the computer and then realizing no electricity, no computer, duh! I decide, good time to meditate, so that’s what I do for a while. Then as it gets to be 9pm I decide well if the lights aren’t coming back on I might as well go to bed, so that is what I do. 10 min later the lights come on, but I stay in bed and am glad the electricity is back on. Thank you!


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