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What to do with the old High School in Eureka Springs

Well I went to the first meeting on the old Eureka Springs high school and what to do with it. It lasted almost 2 hours and I think it was very productive. There was a consensus that it needs to encompass the diversity of the town. The gym should be used as a community center. Other ideas for the use of the main building could include many of these: Offices for the city and CAPC, maybe ESSA would be interested in part. Business incubator, trade school, and the the cafeteria could be used as a community meeting place.  Rooms could be rented out for these things and even a place for the Farmer’s Market. An area could be even be used by the fire department. One of the suggestions was even a spot for a community swimming pool. The main thought was that it was for use by the community, that this would not be focused on tourism but the community instead. Everyone was in agreement with that statement. That has got to be a first for Eureka Springs! There are many groups that want to be a part of this and I do think there is the space for everyone, now can we work together from here, I sure hope so!