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Thunder Sleeting

2013-02-21_07-07-55_499Well is was snowing yesterday, then raining, then sleeting. Last night I heard the thunder and the ice all over everything in the morning. It was then sleeting again the raining, now it has stopped at least for now. I am so glad that when I awoke I could see what time it was, that meant we still had electricity!!!!! Lost internet several times in the morning but we still had electricity! Here in the mountains when it snows or you get everything covered in ice, you stay home! The roads are just too dangerous to drive. Luckily (or unluckily) I work where I live so I will be at work today. I will get things uploaded to the internet when I can. I have electricity and am happy about that! If it does go out we do have propane and 2 wood stoves to keep warm and 4 cats to sit on out laps. I also have plenty of home canned veggies from the garden that I can warm up to eat, we will be just fine.